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April 19, 2009

Lemon Babies

April 18, 2009



Kate Bornstein!!!

April 16, 2009


Do you need tickets to hear her speak?  Can I come?

April 12, 2009

thanksgivingLETS DO THANKSGIVING!!!  I know that every weekend is back from here until graduation, but which weekend is least horrible for you?  On which weekend could we do turkey day and do thesising?  


p.s. i am feeling better.  i will call once my phone charges up.

April 9, 2009



I know it has been a ridiculously tough month/semester.   I’m going to attribute the majority of it to being far away from your soul mate.  Now, go ahead and get better and we’ll have the best summer ever.  I love you!  Feel better!  Hearts!!

(ps- is there anything you need?!)

Stuck in Dallas :(

April 7, 2009

stuck in Dallas      




April 3, 2009





i am so fucking sick of my thesis that i am desperate for hot avi gossip.  more importantly, it took me like 35 minutes to find a picture of him.  it made me feel like a stalker, but i needed to procrastinate and blogs are all about photos anyhow.


hope dc is a blast!  

also, i added our blog as an app on my phone and it means i check it all the damn time.